3rd of Advent – Let’s make Gingerbreads


So another week has flown by and yesterday was 3rd of Advent, which means there are only 2 more Sundays left before Christmas.  We went out and did a little bit of Xmas shopping in the afternoon. This year we have left it a bit late.  Like very late.  Actually, we only just started the shopping yesterday.  The shops were not that busy, I find where we live now, it really never gets as crazy as it used to be when we lived on the other side of town at Christmas time.  We only had to queue once which was when we were waiting to have our photo with Santa. The kids are getting older so I am grateful that they still agree to do it, but it has become a tradition for us and I enjoy looking at them and see how much they change each year.

When we got back we decided to make a batch of Gingerbreads.  I had prepared the dough the day before, so it didn’t take long to set up.  We ran out of time to ice them, so we’ll do that today hopefully.



2nd of Advent


Last night was the 2nd of Advent, so the countdown continues to Christmas.  Only 3 more Sundays until the big day.  Wow!  That’s not long and I have hardly started buying presents and need to start writing out a big list of everything that I need to organise or else it will get too overwhelming.  This week I’m going to start on some of yummy foods I like to make at Christmas time, such as gingerbreads, toffees, daim, and closer to St Lucia (13th Dec) saffron breads.  I’ll keep you posted!

All I Want For Christmas Is You

I love the little things around Christmas.  A cute little Pixie, an old candle holder, little Santas placed around the house, fairy lights.  Like this two candle holders.  The one above in gold says ”All I Want For Christmas Is You”.  I bought this one from LARK last Christmas and I love it, they still sell it – only $8.95 –  you can find it here.  The candle holder in the photo below is an old one from Sweden that I adore.  The little Pixie sitting underneath the candle is just too cute.  Next to it is one of my many Maileg pixie dolls that I have collected over the years.


1st of Advent

So last night was the 1st Of Advent, meaning it’s only four Sundays til Christmas.  Each Sunday we light one more candle to count down and have some mulled wine & gingerbreads.  To me it’s the start of the Christmas season.  I have also hung a star in the window like most Swedish people do.  I buy the mulled wine from IKEA, but you can make it by yourself too, something I have not tried yet.  A craze started in Sweden a few years ago by serving Blue Vein Cheese on Gingerbreads, and although it doesn’t sound like it would go, it is divine!  It’s not the same having Christmas in summer time, but this year has been a very cold start to the summer season, so it almost works.  Happy 1st of Advent!