I’ve been missing a month or so…

December is a busy month for most people I hear.  Nothing new there.  For us it was extremely busy and challenging financially.  Our businesses is having a downturn and we’ve had to lay off a staff member and cut the hours for the other, however, the workload is just the same, if not busier.  This has meant we’ve had to put in 7 days a week, juggling the finances, running two farms, three kids on school holidays and probably a thousand other things.  I can’t say it has been fun and still is not fun, I’m just hoping the worst is behind us, but as usual, there are no guarantees.  At times I feel like a mouse in a spinning wheel, just running to stand still.  I had decided 2017 was going to be the new, fresh start, where everything would magically just fall into place.  I. WAS. WRONG.  2017 started with some really sad events that I just can’t go into.  As January 2017 comes to an end, I just hope we can move forward, take a deep breath, remembering this is life. Real life, where some ordinary shit happens and you just have to pick yourself up and march on.

Strangely enough I have managed to do some sewing.  Only very early in the mornings, between 05-07am.  Me, sneaking into my sewing room, still half asleep, with my huge cup of coffee, listening to French music (that I am so addicted to these days) and sewing away. Whist doing that, none of my other problems and sadness can touch me.  I go into another world, one stitch at a time.

I finished a quilt that I started a long time ago.  It was my very first scrap Log Cabin quilt.  I love it so much, as it has so many different fabrics in it, from so many projects.  Looking at them, remembering what I made, who for, etc is a nice little memory quilt which I will keep for myself.


I also started on another baby quilt.  Midway through I decided I would make it a single bed size as my daughter Mia fancied the fabrics featuring dogs and horses.  I only had half a yard of this old fabric by one of my favourite designers, Heather Ross.  This one was from her old collection Mysterious Bugs and other creatures – Dogs on Yellow.  I became curious if anyone else in the world was still selling this old print and found someone on Etsy selling it for $60 per yard.  Good on them.  I get it.  Some of these old fabrics are like gold to us sewers.  I have set myself a goal that no fabrics of mine are off limit.  What I mean by that is that some fabrics I just love a little too much. So much so that I can’t bring myself to cut them.  I seem to have overcome this and I find I’m loving using these old prints, that are no longer available, that I could sell for a small fortune, but I wont.  They are there to be used by me and just enjoy the process.  I cannot sew with fabrics I don’t like.  It’s just not me.  So here is the quilt I finished last week for Mia.



Blue, Green & Lemon Baby/Lap Quilt


I finished this quilt last night.  This quilt can either be for a baby or an adult as a lap quilt, or just hang nicely over a chair.  The colours used are mostly low volume prints, mixed in with a few stronger colours for contrast.  I have used fabrics from some of my all time favourite designers such as Amy Butler, Urban Chics, Lotta Jansdotter, Michael Miller, Heather Bailey and Sandra Henderson.

Finished size is 35.5 x 46″ –  or  – 89cm x 115cm

This quilt has just been listed in my Etsy shop, you can find it here!


My Next Sewing Project

img_2007In the middle of the Christmas rush I try to get up early, around 5am, light a candle, turn on some music and do a little bit of sewing.  It’s a nice way to start the day and I find I get a fair bit done in those two hours before the day really starts.  I have selected fabrics for my next quilt, all in blues, greens & lemony yellow.  I hope it will turn out like I imagine it will.  img_2008


Baby Quilt

I finished cutting my latest project yesterday morning and starting piecing it together.  It is the first project I have done in my new Sewing Room and it felt good!  I feel inspired in there and finally a spot that I can just walk away from and not have to see the mess when I’m not sewing.


My New Sewing Studio

Last week I moved all my sewing and craft supplies into our empty laundry, as our laundry is located in our shed.  It took me hours moving everything and setting it up.  I still have a few more things to sort, but they can wait in boxes for me till I feel in the mood to unpack them.  Anyway, this is how my new sewing studio turned out:


I have reduced my fabric stash by about a third over the last year, most of it I have sold on eBay.  When I unpacked what I have left, it still seems like I have too much.  Meh.  I either will have to start sewing like a crazy or start selling again…


Life is forever pulling me in different directions it seems.  No matter how busy I get, I never stop thinking of sewing really.  If I can’t sleep, I think of something I might sew one day. If I wake up too early, I sit and look at sewing blogs, sewing on Pinterest or new releases of fabric.  Sometimes I just look through my fabric collection and search for the motivation to start a new project.  Last night I starting cutting out fabrics for a new Baby Quilt.  This one will be a scrappy quilt with lots of my favourite fabrics from over the years.