That Super Moon

Last Tuesday night I was anxious to see the Super Moon the whole world was talking about. I had the camera ready,  only to be very disappointed with a thick layer of clouds, no winds to sweep them away and of course no Super Moon for me.  However, the next night I got to see it.  We read in the paper that it was going to almost as big as the night before, and I was so happy to see it.  There is something special about the moon, it’s just so beautiful and magical.  I love the fact that I can look at the moon sometimes early in the morning through my kitchen window, whilst talking to my mum on the other side of the world, in Sweden (night time over there), and she sees the same moon.  So here is my photos from that very special Super Moon.

moon supermoonmoon supermoonmoon supermoon

moon supermoon




The Beginning of Something New & Old


The kids and I have started on a new garden patch.  We thought we would use only what we already have around the farm and see what we could come up with.  After a few days of digging up the carpet weed, turning over the rock hard mulch, adding horse poo and soil from our chickens, we were ready to begin planting!  The plants we are planting are lots of different kind of geraniums and succulents as we have discovered that they seem to be able to cope very well in our harsh weather conditions.  We often have extremely hot, dry summers with temperatures over 40 degrees. Our winters are often cold, wet and windy with quite a few frosty nights.  Geraniums are my favourite  plant, I have always loved them. I’m often amazed to find that even when I haven’t looked after them properly, they still grow strong and bloom all year round. Succulents at first, were not that appealing to me, until I discovered how pretty they can be when they bloom, how strong and tough they are, throughout almost any weather condition or neglect by me.


 The Big Dig.  Followed by lots of water to try and break up the rock hard ground we have, even after an almighty wet winter.


 This is what we came up with!  We have three different Succulents and nine different Geraniums planted.  Now it’s time to start digging up the next section.


27/365 – 365daily

27/365 – 365daily

Today I’m grateful for my beautiful Smokey! He is so sweet, follows us everywhere, even starting to come up on the veranda! I feel like Pippi Long-stocking!!! Thank you Sandra for bringing him to us! #gratefuldaily, #everydaygratefuls, #365project, #365daily

My little Lamb – Ewe Yang

Hello Life. Where have you been?  Two whole months have passed and hardly no sewing at all.  I have been incredibly busy and been on bit of a roller-coaster ride emotionally.

It all started a couple of months ago when my husband brought home a little lamb that he found on the road driving in the You Yangs (mountains/bush land near where we live).  It was only a day old or so, still covered in afterbirth, but no mother to be found.  He went to the nearest house and asked if they might know who owned it, they didn’t.  In the end he decided to bring the lamb home or else it would die.

For me, being more of a city chic than farm girl, grown up in the suburbs of Stockholm in Sweden, I had never even seen a lamb up close.  Well, it was love at first sight!  We decided to name her Ewe Yang, as she was found in the You Yangs.

The first few weeks we had her sleeping in our guest bathroom at night and outside during the day.  As she grew bigger we started to let her sleep outside in a little yard we have set up for our dogs normally.

Then, one Saturday morning, I found her dead in her yard with a bloated stomach.  We later learned that this is often the case if an orphaned lamb if it doesn’t get the mother’s colostrum in the first few days of life.  It was so sad, the kids and I were beside ourselves because we all just loved little Ewe Yang to bits, she brought us so much laughter in those few weeks she spent with us.  I still feel so sad thinking about her, yet cherish the memories.

These photos were taking of Ewe Yang two days before she died and I am so thankful I had the camera out that day!

DSC03567 DSC03551

R.I.P Ewe Yang – We ♥ Ewe