Project House


We moved into our house almost 7 years ago.  Since then we’ve been very busy setting up our own business as well as running around with our three young children.  As most people, who set up their own business know, it is a very long, tough and stressful time with many hours being poured into the business, often with little or no pay.  I have always loved to decorate our home, but during the last few years I have kind of neglected it, just been too tired, too broke, too overwhelmed to even know where to start.  Over the last few months I have done some serious de-cluttering.  I still have a fair few things to sort out (not to mention sorting out the toys no one plays with anymore…).  The whole house needs to be painted, which is a daunting task, but I will start it in the next few weeks.  Our master bedroom will be the first room I paint, then our walk-in robe & ensuite.  Our house has many feature walls from the previous owner which I don’t want.  I think the walls will be white everywhere and then I can add colour as I feel like it with the decor.


So, as you can see, this wall is grey and soon will be white.  I’m so in love with Copper right now, can’t get enough of it.  These two bedside table copper lamps are from Freedom (Australia), $99 each.  The little copper bowl is from ALDI, was part of a set of 2 for $19.95.  The Moose Doona / Duvet Cover is from Norse.  I found the Horse Lamp on Finders Keepers eBay.  I still need to get a nice ceiling lamp, a rug and some art for the walls.





My New Sewing Room

So long between posts from me these days…  not good.  I really miss sewing so much, but running a new business and having a young family with 3 kids does take up a lot of my spare time.  I am determined to change this, and I have reorganized our old laundry into my own little sewing heaven.  This way it will be easier to just start when I have some spare time without having to set everything up.  The washing machine is now out in the shed where it belongs…  The washing in this household really is ”The Never Ending Story”…   

The old linen press is just a perfect place for my fabric stash 

Good-Bye House!

It is almost time for us to say goodbye to our very first house. We have had some beautiful years here and it does feel strange to leave the house we’ve called home for more than 8 years. Although the kids are so excited about their new house, I think there might be some tears when we do say the final goodbye.
These photos are the ones the photographer took for the sale of our house!
From the front:
The kitchen:
which looks so bare and so nothing like how we’ve had all these years…

The lounge and hall way:
The en-suite:

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