So an Ex Race Greyhound moved in!

I mentioned in my last post that last month we adopted a greyhound who had just finished racing.  When I say adopted, we actually already owned him, but once his racing career was over, we decided for him to move in to our house, away from racing life.  We already have a little Cocker Spaniel called Sunshine living with us and she has fallen in love with Yoshi as much as we have!  Here are some photos of their first month together.


Carnaval Dog Jackets

So yesterday I was in the mood for making some new jackets for my two dogs, Yoshi & Sunshine.  I think the next one I make for Yoshi (the greyhound) will need to be a little bigger, but it still fits okay for little walks!  Both jackets have a ring holder for keys and plastic bag pouch.