What 5am Sewing Looks Like

I’ve always been a morning person.  I love getting up when it’s still a little dark outside, light some candles, brew some coffee, sit on my computer for a little while or start sewing.  That peace is just to die for.  Once 7am comes along, the magic is all gone in this household.  That’s when I wake up three tired & grumpy kids (especially at this time of the year), all bumping in to one another, like sleepy zombies stumbling around in a daze, and my amazing nagging skills are switched on to 100…Meh.  So, at 5 am, I love nothing more than my coffee, a little music from my computer, sewing, & candles. This morning I nearly finished the quilt top for the baby quilt I am making. More photos later.



2 thoughts on “What 5am Sewing Looks Like

  1. We are of one mind on the getting up early, and my computer and craft room is combined, but not nearly as lovely as yours looks. Love the candle idea. I love to sew, but haven’t had a project lately. Your quilts are beautiful. I’ve never attempted those in all my years, but my grandmother use to. I usually do purses, little bags, aprons of late. Over the years, I have sewn my clothes though. I too love the quiet morning; especially now that I am retired and can enjoy being up early. Enjoyed visiting and seeing your projects.


    1. Thank you. You comments made my day. I’ve had a rough run of late and therefore have not had the mindset to do anything on my blog. Your kind words inspired me to get blogging again, so I will do a make up post of the last month, as I have still been sewing, mostly in the early mornings. It has been my one hour of fun and creativity each day, whilst pushing through life. Xx


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