My New Sewing Studio

Last week I moved all my sewing and craft supplies into our empty laundry, as our laundry is located in our shed.  It took me hours moving everything and setting it up.  I still have a few more things to sort, but they can wait in boxes for me till I feel in the mood to unpack them.  Anyway, this is how my new sewing studio turned out:


I have reduced my fabric stash by about a third over the last year, most of it I have sold on eBay.  When I unpacked what I have left, it still seems like I have too much.  Meh.  I either will have to start sewing like a crazy or start selling again…


Life is forever pulling me in different directions it seems.  No matter how busy I get, I never stop thinking of sewing really.  If I can’t sleep, I think of something I might sew one day. If I wake up too early, I sit and look at sewing blogs, sewing on Pinterest or new releases of fabric.  Sometimes I just look through my fabric collection and search for the motivation to start a new project.  Last night I starting cutting out fabrics for a new Baby Quilt.  This one will be a scrappy quilt with lots of my favourite fabrics from over the years.




8 thoughts on “My New Sewing Studio

  1. Wow, love how your sewing room looks. Mine is a combination computer/craft/sewing room and I organize, then mess it up, then organize, then mess it up. I’m a messy sewer. Your post makes me want to sew something. haha Can never have too much fabric…love going to the fabric store.

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