Feb – April

I’ve done it again.  I’ve let life take over and not blogged for months and months…  I’ve had a very rocky start to 2012, which has slowed my sewing spirit down a bit.  I thought I might just do a little photo summary of some of the things that I have made since February till now, and hopefully will get back to normal from here.  

I designed this bag myself with the intention of writing a pattern for it.  It didn’t happen, but I have used the bag a lot and might still get around to that one day!  

This was another bag that I made up from some Amy Butler scraps that I had lying around!  

I also made another Sweet Pea Bag, this one in Amy Butler fabrics, mainly Midwest Modern

2 thoughts on “Feb – April

  1. hello there! I found your blog via flickr when I was looking at far far away quilts. We are adopting a baby girl and I'd like to make one for her! I am trying to see if I can collect the fabric now-can you tell me which fabrics you used for the back and sashing? I love it! We lived in Russia for a while, so the matryoshkas are a nice touch I may use as well. You can see our family blog here, though I rarely post my sewing adventures these days: http://www.sojournerdiaries.blogspot.comThanks! Any help would be awesome!


  2. Hi there, both the fabrics used for sashing and backing is from Heather Ross' West Hill collection, which is quite hard to find these days, but I have a fair bit of it and the colors are just perfect, as she has used the same colors in the Far Far Away collection. I'm glad you like the quilt, I love it too, and my little girl loves it as well.


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