Another Day, Another Pencil Roll Holder

I finished another Pencil Roll Holder today, this one also in Dick & Jane fabrics. I’m trying to get about 15-20 of these done by the end of the week, we’ll have to see if time allows me to do it. I like how colourful this one turned out.

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4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Pencil Roll Holder

  1. Hi Cathy! We do have a mutual friend in Lotta! I was so surprised when she told me you and her were old friends! I love all your stuff and have some of your patterns, but haven't made any of them yet. I'm dying to make the puppies pattern, my daughter Mia will love it and my two boys want the Robots. You are so talented, I wish you all the success! Thanks for adding to my blog, cheers Jessica


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