Pencil Roll Holder in Swell Fabrics

Pencil Roll Holder in Swell Fabrics
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I’m sewing again. Properly. I’ve had almost 5 months break from sewing, from the time we started to sell the old house, until now, finally all settled in our new house. I just can’t relax enough to sew if the whole house is up side down (or in boxes) – mind you, once I get into my sewing, the house ends up very very messy. I get so into it that nothing else matters for a few hours and with 3 kids playing around me, this is a dangerous combination!

I made 2 of these Pencil Roll Holders in Moda’s Swell fabrics. I just ADORE the whole range of Swell – and even more the follow-up range, Sweet. I’ve decided that I will open up an Etsy & eBay store in the near future and these will be sold there. I will keep you posted on this blog once it all goes ahead!

This morning I began making a few Pencil Roll Holders in Dick & Jane fabrics too, I only had time to finish one today, so here it is. There’s something about the Dick & Jane range I love, it’s so old fashioned, yet so bright! I think these would make a nice ”thank-you”-pressie for a great school teacher or something!

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3 thoughts on “Pencil Roll Holder in Swell Fabrics

  1. Your pencil roll holders look fab Jessica. I especially love that pink one and I know a little girl who would love one. Perhaps once you are selling some on etsy I will pop on over and take a peek. Otherwise you will need to bring one with you to the quilt in so I can take a look.


  2. Oh honey! I so can't wait for the grand opening of your ETSY store. I know it will be extraordinary! I already have my eye on the lil pink stripedy pencil roll, although i'd feel guilt about putting my old pencils in there! maybe it'll force my DH to get me some new ones 🙂


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