1946 Quilt in Flea Market Fancy

I bought this as a kit from Patchwork On Central Park and I just couldn’t wait to begin to make this quilt. The pattern is made by Melly & Me – my all time favorite designers. I’ve been a fan of Rosalie Quinlan for years and when I bought my first Melly & Me pattern I had no idea that she was behind this label!

I couldn’t believe my luck to find this kit – in one of the all time most gorgeous fabric ranges – Flea Market Fancy. I so wish this range could be re-released. Please Please, can somebody please do it – I know it would be another total world wide sell-out, even in a middle of an economic downturn…
Getting back to this quilt, it was fun and easy to make, lots of cutting though, I think it was about 400 squares cut into halves! I was cutting for 2 whole days, but it was so worth it! I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it’s so far my favorite quilt to date. I backed it with Anna Maria Horner’s fabric from her Chocolate Lollipop range. The colors are just perfect together, I forget at times they are not from the same range or designer!


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4 thoughts on “1946 Quilt in Flea Market Fancy

  1. WOW! That quilt is soooo completely gorgeous!! And yes I totally agree about those super yummy Flea Market Fancy fabrics!! I have some…but definitely not enough! :DI found your blog from your very beautiful and inspiring Flickr photos, and see that you've recently moved to a new house. We moved from Florida to North Carolina just a few months ago, and although the unpacking is quite tiring, it is so fun and very refreshing to be in a new home with our little family. Happy quilting! I wish you splendid fun-filled days while you make your new house into a home!


  2. thank you both for your lovely comments! I have just settled in to our new house and started to sew again which feels great. I just couldn't sew with boxes surrounding me everywhere, but now it's all pretty much set up and I can find a little time each day to sew! Happy sewing to you too!


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